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Alaina Sawaya will guide you through the often complicated terrain of athletic conditioning and help clarify what it takes to optimize performance. She will simplify and prescribe the action steps necessary for achieving your specific goals, and support you through the process of reaching them. Training by appointment only, contact for availability and rates. 


• NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
• FMS Advanced Correctives Practitioner
• Athletic Performance Coach
          Outrigger Canoe (1 & 6)
          Stand Up Paddle Board
          High-Performance Sailboat
          Mountain Climbing
          Snow Boarding
          Downhill Ski / XC / Biathlon
          Trail Running
• TacFit Team Leader USA
         Circular Strength Training© (CST) 
         Clubbell Athletics©
         6•degree Flow©
         Clubbell Yoga©
• Kettlebell RKC
• Wilderness First Responder
• Beyond Mountain Guide
• Triathlon Program Designer & Coach
• Swim Instructor & Coach
• LeMond Cycling Certified

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