All athletes know how to condition for their sport specific demands. Runners train muscular leg endurance and core strength, soccer players work agility drills and sprint recovery, ruggers build both speed and explosive strength for moving mass, and a paddler demands postural strength, high cadence turnover and rotary power. While all of this is vitally important to the success of an athlete, an often neglected yet critical component is compensation. Unbinding the residual tension accumulated in each sport, and strengthening the functional opposite movement patterns of that sport, to compensate for over specialization and any unintended adaptations that limit mobility. 

Your body adapts to what you do repeatedly. That is, whatever posture your body holds most often, becomes your shape. If this is not balanced with the opposing ranges of motion, you create postural disfunction, over specialization, compensatory movements, plateaus and chronic pain. Inevitably, you cultivate injuries. 

Training the functional opposite of your daily occupational & athletic demands not only restores balance to your structure, but also increases strength potential and athletic performance.  Through the use of joint mobilization techniques, movement pattern corrective strategies, postural alignment and progressive strength training, athletes can optimize their conditioning efforts to tap unrealized potential.

Certified as a CSCS through the National Strength & Conditioning Association, an advanced corrective specialist through Functional Movement Systems, and a Performance Coach in multiple disciplines, I bring a uniquely critical lens to every training situation. Each athlete receives a customized integration of training modalities along with the ongoing support, adjustments and guidance to effectively actualize the prescribed program.

I believe in cultivating authentic personal relationships with each student. This must be built on trust, accountability, discipline, compliance and consistency. As a coach, I empower movement autonomy, educate healthy behaviors and work to optimize performance potential. For this to happen, however, I need each student to bring an attitude of responsibility; a willingness to push through discomfort, an ability to work hard, and a commitment to following the plan as prescribed. Do this, and I will help you succeed in all you pursue.